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Major International Announcement Related to Mental Health

By: Prepare U
It is a great honor to share with you and our colleagues today in the educational space that the team behind Prepare U has developed a patented technology platform...

10 years ago after losing my brother to suicide and the world was going through the “great recession”, I remember sitting on my couch and wanting to just give up. I was angry at my brother that he took the easy way out and left me to pick up the pieces of my family and world that had been devastated beyond prior recognition. Instead of     channeling that pain and anger inward, I made a conscious choice to make sure that less people would suffer the way that my family and I were suffering. I connected with allies that were dedicated to helping others and we have been improving the world one life, one classroom, one district at a time.

It is a great honor to share with you and our colleagues today in the educational space that the team behind Prepare U has developed a patented technology platform (Therapy Live) that has just been Designated as The Official Practice Management Platform of the Canadian Psychological Association. (See full statement from the CPA below)

Almost 5 years ago, our team of mental health professionals and technology experts set out on a journey with a mission to move the needle in mental health on a personal level and global scale. This mission has been a barometer for all of the work that we do. This designation will open new doors and relationships that will work to further support our mission.

Behind the scenes of the Prepare U Curriculum, we have been developing advanced telehealth technologies, digital assessment tools, pushing state legislation, and have become pioneers in the mental health education space. Prepare U was born out of the desire to reduce adolescent suicide and suffering while showing the professional world how educational interventions can be game changing for students, their families, and their communities. We have become a leader in this space.

With our patented technology and evolving relationships with leaders in mental health throughout North America we will work to expand mental health education, resources, and increase wellness for everyone that connects with us through our programs. We invite you to join us in our mission by expanding Prepare U to your students, district, and community. This will help your community today and will help us to further expand the tools that we can offer you moving forward. 

Watch a brief story about our journey here

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Thank you for being part of our mission and continued support.

Ryan G. Beale

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Over the past several years, the CPA has been hearing increasingly from members in private practice that they want to make use of a practice management program, in which they could be confident to schedule and invoice patients, electronically maintain records, and provide a means of securely communicating with patients digitally through a telehealth platform. Our stakeholders have been looking to the CPA for guidance about which platforms might meet their needs while affording them practice support as well as privacy and security. The CPA felt that the initial diligence necessary to choosing the best possible practice management offering was a role CPA could undertake on behalf of its membership.

The CPA engaged in a multi-year process to review practice management offerings to find one that offered the features and vision best aligned with the psychological practice of today and for the future. This process led the CPA to the Therapy Live Practice Management Platform as a multi-faceted and high-quality practice management offering. The CPA engaged an IT consultant to review Therapy Live’s privacy and data security protocols as well as engaged a legal team to review Therapy Live’s user commitments and agreements from a high-level, multi-jurisdictional, minimum-requirements perspective. In addition, we are confident that the team behind Therapy Live is comprised of mental health and technology professionals who voice a deep personal commitment to be innovators in improving the field of mental health.

Founded by a crisis interventionist and licensed therapist and a practicing clinical psychologist, its mission is to move the needle in mental health on a personal level and global scale. The platform’s secure state-of-the-art tools will not only help manage clients, schedules, services and payments but serve as a marketing powerhouse – with the ability to create professional content, such as articles and blogs, or educational videos that are automatically encrypted and optimized to play on any device. As well, a dashboard is embedded that displays the reach of the public content that is created and shared in real time.

We are pleased to designate Therapy Live as the Official Practice Management Platform of the CPA and to announce the first phase of their launch called Project Connect.

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Prepare U is a national leader and pioneer in evidence-based mental health education. With an emphasis on experiential learning, Prepare U’s educational programs have shown to be effective at reducing the effects of negative emotional experiences, while improving participants over wellbeing. These life changing programs are designed to be easy to implement, and meet national and state standards of SEL curriculum. The Prepare U programs have been widely endorsed by leading psychologists from the American Psychological Association, behavioral health institutions, and leading educational leaders throughout North America. Prepare U is providing effective educational tools necessary to get to the root of potential problems, working to prevent unhealthy coping patterns from emerging and flourishing in the first place. To discuss bringing the Prepare U curriculum into your community or home, visit or call us at 844-724-5483.
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