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15-Class Experiential Mental Health Curriculum

Trust The Process

The Prepare U 15-Class Curriculum has been featured nationally and is the first-ever evidence-supported, multi-faceted, experiential mental health curriculum. Implemented by leading schools across North America, the 15-class program tackles tough topics from addiction and abuse to social media and is evidenced to increase student meaning and purpose while reducing the negative effects of trauma and anxiety.

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Experience The Difference

The Prepare U curriculum is designed to effectively help students learn the skills they need to identify mental and emotional risks and concerns, more effectively cope with these concerns in healthy ways on their own, and to know when and how to engage additional parental, community, or professional support when needed. The Prepare U curriculum also teaches students some of the meta-skills they will need to adapt to the rapidly changing social and technological environment they will experience over the course of their work and civic lives.

Quick note: Meta-skills are talents that inform every domain of life and govern your ability to improve other skills.

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The Voices of Prepare U

Creating Hope

Prepare U has been featured in documentaries, national media, and educational summits tackling student mental health education. Administrators and students from around the country have volunteered to share their voices and experiences of how Prepare U is unlike any other mental health program. Their stories range from the ease of implementation to students sharing how they intervened to help their peers and family members that were struggling. We are thankful for their authenticity, vulnerability, and their courage to help others.

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We Meet State Guidelines & Go Beyond

Social Emotional Learning

Researched in middle and high school students ages 13-19, the Prepare U program has been shown to significantly increase content-based learning, reduce the intensity of traumatic symptoms, reduce anxiety symptoms, and support overall health, while increasing participant’s meaning, purpose, and emotional support.

The Prepare U curriculum’s unique structure includes an integrated sequence of video content, in-class experiential learning activities, and engaging homework to help catalyze positive growth and learning.

The Prepare U 15-Class Experiential Curriculum aligns with several state guidelines, SEL competencies, & the HECAT as listed below.

Evidence-Based. Evidence-Supported.

Quantitative and Qualitative

The Prepare U program is a unique experiential mental health program that is based on current research and innovative practice in psychology, health, and education. It is a universal program that is designed to be given to an entire cohort of students in grades 8-12 and can be effectively facilitated by adequately trained teachers. The Prepare U program includes all of the necessary materials, trainings, and supports to achieve program effectiveness. The program helps students connect with one another and gives them the tools to self-assess, self-intervene, identify a need for additional supports, and seek additional necessary supports from adults or paid professionals.

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