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Welcome to the Prepare U Stakeholder Presentation

This page was designed to help school districts and stakeholders get answers to all of the questions that they may have in order to begin implementing the Prepare U Mental Health Curriculum. Please share this page with decision makers in your school community. You will see a brochure with an Order Form to help expedite the process of bringing Prepare U to your district. In most cases, schools will receive all materials and can be ready to implement Prepare U in approximately 3 weeks from the date of receiving your order. Please scroll below to begin the presentation.

Therapy.Live developed Prepare U, a high school mental health curriculum.

Stakeholder Webinar Presentation

This detailed webinar hosted by Prepare U Founder, Ryan Beale, will walk you and relevant stakeholders through the most frequently asked questions and topics that have been brought up over the past 3 years of presenting Prepare U to stakeholders like yourself. Feel free to make notes or write down any questions you may have during the presentation to address them with your team. We have provided an FAQ section below that may assist in your process.

Prepare U Research Overview

In this brief video Chief Research Officer, Dr. Jaruzel, will discuss our methods of research as well as programmatic assessment and follow-up findings. Below you will find a detailed whitepaper of the research behind the Prepare U program that we will be updating periodically based on ongoing findings.

Prepare U In-Depth Video Overview

This in-depth video overview of the Prepare U curriculum explains the class-by-class experience that Prepare U provides to your students. This video is helpful at understanding the topics of each class period as well as some of the underlying processes that are occurring.

Frequently asked questions about our mental health curriculum for high schools

Has the program been reviewed and vetted by third parties?

Yes. Prepare U is the only evidence-based curriculum in the world that has been endorsed by leaders in the American Psychological Association and supported by the Canadian Psychological Association. The Prepare U program has been reviewed by independent experts in psychology, education, and mental health. You can read more about this HERE or you can visit some of the media articles describing the program. We take our responsibility to deliver important and engaging curriculum seriously. Accordingly, we have been in constant contact with leading experts in the field to assure an optimal student and staff experience.

Does this program address suicide?

Our program curriculum engages students in serious discussions about suicide and other topics. While the program is much broader than just a suicide education and prevention program, encompassing a dozen other topics and instructing the students in a wide range of coping and emotional self-regulation techniques, the program does specifically address concerns around suicide and offers students education about the topic and provides them with a range of suicide-specific resources in addition to the general emotional self-regulation tools.

Has this program been researched?

Yes. The Prepare U program has been researched in adolescents in a real-world classroom environment. Students ages 13-19 were found to benefit from the program. Specifically, students demonstrated increased learning of content-based mental health related topics, experienced a decrease in symptoms of trauma, reported better physical health, and reported better overall health.

What kind of support do you offer?

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional support for the schools and staff implementing the Prepare U program. We offer comprehensive training videos and teacher support materials. We offer live support if there are any confusion or challenges with program implementation. We also offer optional, advanced, facilitator training events.

Is this program available nationwide?

Yes. The Prepare U program is available throughout the United States. The Prepare U program is currently in use in schools in 19 states. Shipping in the contiguous 48 states is the same rate. If you reside in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada, please contact us about bringing the Prepare U program to your school or district.

What kind of training do you have to have to administer it?

Most qualified teachers will be able to deliver the Prepare U curriculum after only a few hours of preparatory instruction. Both our experience in supporting program implementation and the research literature clearly show that qualified teachers can get solid results from instructing students in basic social emotional skill building and basic mental health skills applications.

Does it have to be in the health class?

While the Prepare U program deals with mental and emotional health and wellbeing, it does not need to be specifically a part of your school’s health class. It can be offered as a part of a freshmen orientation class, a healthy relationships class, a psychology class, or as a standalone course. As long as the Prepare U program is offered in sequence and in its entirety, we believe that it will be effective.

Will this curriculum work for 8th grade or middle school?

The curriculum involves techniques that are designed for students ages 13 to 18 and would be suitable for most 8th grade students. That said, we believe that early in the first year of high school is likely the optimal time for students to participate in this program. We believe that implementation of this program near to the middle school to high school transition will better support a healthy school culture.
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In-Depth Video Overview

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