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Prepare U Skill Building Series

Cognitions & Mindfulness Essentials for Preadolescent Students

An easy to implement 5-class mental health skill building series for pre-teens.

In-Person Remote Hybrid

This one-of-a-kind, evidence-based mental health curriculum by Prepare U provides kids from 9 to 12 years of age with tools that will help them to reduce anxiety, challenge irrational thoughts, and better understand themselves, as well as the uniqueness of their own personalities.

Kids will learn and practice:
Mindfulness breathing and grounding techniques
How to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships
Ways to increase their emotional intelligence
Self-care activities
…and much more

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Session 1 - Personality and Biopsychosocial
Personality Self-Assessment
Personal Family History Reflection
Biology, Psychology, and Social Influences
Session 2 - Anxiety and Stress
CALM Technique
Modern Reactions to Stress
Self-Care Activities
Session 3 - Cognitions and Behavior
ABC’s of Thinking and Feeling
REBT & CBT Tools
Session 4 - Mental Health and Stigma
Stigma Reduction
Cultural Impressions
Relevant Statistics
Session 5 - Relationships
Boundaries Communication Trust Accountability
Threats Harassment Intimidation Coercion
Healthy Boundary Setting
Additional Materials Included:
Class-by-Class Icebreaker
Mental Health 101s
Visual Podcasts
Meditation Videos

Each class includes a dynamic video with evidence-based tools and reflective exercises designed to increase mindfulness, cognitive processes, and self-aware decision making. The curriculum supports in-person and remote learning environments appropriate for ages 9 and up.

See what students and teachers had to say about Prepare U

“I have been in education for 25 years, giving Prepare U to our students was the most important thing that I’ve done in my entire career.”
Pat Watson - Superintendent Bloomfield Hills School District

“The situations that life gave me, somehow Prepare U knew and they gave me an answer. It made it easier to cope with and mentally understand the things that I was going through.”
Genevieve Gohl - Student West Bloomfield

Prepare U’s Evidence-Based, Experiential Curriculum, Now Designed for Preadolescence

Instill a positive influence during these formative years by intervening with our evidence based preventative education. Delivered in a way pre adolescents can relate, this Prepare U curriculum can substantially reduce the impact of mental health challenges that they and their peers are certain to face.

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