Cognitions & Mindfulness | Prepare U

Prepare U Skill Building Series

Cognitions & Mindfulness

An easy to implement 5-class evidence-based mental health skill building series

In-Person Remote Hybrid

From the team that founded the nationally recognized, 1st-ever experiential mental health curriculum and the creators of the designated official practice management platform of the Canadian Psychological Association.

Session 1 - Personality and Biopsychosocial
Personality Self-Assessment
Personal Family History Reflection
Biology, Psychology, and Social Influences
Session 2 - Anxiety and Stress
CALM Technique
Modern Reactions to Stress
Self-Care Activities
Session 3 - Cognitions and Behavior
ABC’s of Thinking and Feeling
REBT & CBT Tools
Session 4 - Mental Health and Stigma
Stigma Reduction
Cultural Impressions
Relevant Statistics
Session 5 - Relationships
Boundaries Communication Trust Accountability
Threats Harassment Intimidation Coercion
Healthy Boundary Setting

Additional Materials Included:

Class-by-Class Icebreaker
Mental Health 101s
Visual Podcasts
Meditation Videos

Each class includes a dynamic video with evidence-based tools and reflective exercises designed to increase mindfulness, cognitive processes,and self-aware decision making Supports In-Person & Remote Learning Environments Appropriate For Ages 9 & Up

Pat Watson - Superintendent Bloomfield Hills School District

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Genevieve Gohl - 17 years old

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Ryan Andrick - 14 years old

Reagan Williams - 15 years old

Brandi Lavely - Health Teacher

Jeremy Denha - High School Health and Basketball Coach

Principal Patricia Sattler - Mercy High School