There is no doubt moving forward that this curriculum and our partnership with Prepare U is going to benefit kids for the rest of their life. And it is the most important thing that I have done in my career in education.

Principal Patrick Watson

I recently lost a family member so it was nice to learn how to comfort my family through that, and also myself.

Ryan Andrick, 14

In my class I feel like after we went through this experience we became closer as a group because we learned so much about each other from doing the class discussions.

Chloe Bauyer, 14

I know so many people that have thought about committing suicide. I have one friend who was thinking about it. I talked to him for hours and he didn't end up doing it and he is still my friend today. I feel like this program helped me to keep going with it and telling him.

Cole Caspers, 14

My teacher seems a lot more relatable now after going through this program because he was also in it, doing the same exercises that we were doing.

Andrew Hill, 14

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