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Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Home Edition Course

Home Edition Course

A proven process that is research-backed to reduce the effects of trauma, anxiety, improve overall wellness, and strengthen relationships

This program delivers the skills that will teach you how to master yourself, better manage your family dynamics, and improve your relationship health and boundaries.

Trusted by leading experts, educational institutions, and endorsed by world leading psychologists and behavioral health organizations, Prepare U is guaranteed to make breakthroughs in your life and relationships.

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For Your Home For Your Workplace For Your Community

A Proven Process

New Horizons

This program does more than save lives, it has been scientifically shown to increase one’s meaning and purpose in life. Click here to read the research.

Mental Mastery

Easily learn tools to master your anxiety, your decision making process, and to better understand the makeup of your personality so that you can improve the quality of your life. Today, you can start experiencing the benefits of utilizing the same tools that could cost you several thousands of dollars in a therapy office.

Mental Fitness

By definition, this one-of-a-kind program has been proven to effectively increase resilience in several thousands of people throughout North America. Resilience is your ability to cope and manage the stress, dysfunction, and chaos in your life. It is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Prepare U gives you a wider lens and scientifically proven tools to overcome the obstacles in your life without the feeling of having more work on your plate.

Better Boundaries

With Prepare U Home Edition’s evidence-based 11-session course you will learn how to better manage friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones, and understand what they might be struggling with while growing your capacity to support them. Each course includes an easy-to-follow digital workbook, transformative videos, downloadable engagement activities, a dynamic icebreaker, insight tracker, and an ever expanding video library that helps you tackle tough questions that you never knew how to ask.

What's going to be your experience at the end of the process?

Experience The Difference

“Emotionally you’ll grow”
Jade Jackson
“It’s like an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”
Salvador Alatorre
“The situations that life gave me, somehow Prepare U knew and they gave me an answer. It made it easier to cope with and mentally understand the things that I was going through.”
Genevieve Gohl
“My mom is a teacher and I feel like I can show her the skills that I learned here and she can apply them to her classroom.”
Reagan Williams


123 self-care activities designed for the individual and their family to revive and connect

Visual Podcasts

Expanding library from experts on mental health issues from family dynamics, substance abuse, to accessing care

Stress Relief Library

Library of follow-along breathing techniques designed to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels

Mental Health 101’s

Quick 1-minute overviews of mental health disorders to help better understand the world around you

Prepare U Can Be Used Alone Or With Your Family. It’s Up To You!

One Step Closer To Greater Wellness

$299 / Year

  • Tools to decrease anxiety
  • Tools to process anger
  • Tools to combat negative thoughts
  • Tools to increase mindfulness
  • Tools to evaluate healthy relationships
  • Tools to enhance personal growth
  • 123 self-care activities
  • Access to evolving video library with leading experts
  • Access to visual podcasts
  • Access to mental health 101 videos
  • Crisis resources and support
  • Stress Relief Video Library
  • Works on all devices
Get Started
For corporate, organizations, and religious groups, contact us directly to learn how Prepare U can boost your community health and relationships at or call (844) 724-5483 Ext. 3
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