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The 1st-ever evidence supported experiential mental health in the comfort of your own home

Connect and go on a journey where you will learn effective tools to decrease anxiety and depression, combat anger, problem solve, and boost relationship health while learning about the richness of your family history

What if you could go on an adventure and grow right now? You can go either alone or together with your whole family, even if you are remote!

The Prepare U Curriculum has been experienced by nearly 10,000 students and teachers from all over North America. The Home Edition was designed so that more people can have access and experience the benefits of the Prepare U program.

Grow to a more meaningful level, either with yourself or with your family, while learning evidence-based tools through the Prepare U Home Edition’s 11-session guided journey. Each session includes an easy-to-use digital workbook, transformative videos, downloadable engagement activities, a dynamic family icebreaker, digital family insight tracker, and more tools designed to give your relationships a boost!

Did you know that the Prepare U Curriculum in school settings has been evidenced to reduce the negative symptoms of trauma? Click here to read the research.

Boost relationship health with your whole family while engaging in evidence-supported activities that connect you with yourself and each other

Learn simple yet game-changing, evidence-based tools used by leading experts to help their own clients with anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and even suicidal ideation

Designed to create breakthroughs for challenging conversations and can be used with families living in the same home or separately

Best for: Pre-teens through college age adults and families with kids who are looking for ways to learn, heal, grow, and thrive together

Take advantage of this time in your life by going through a meaningful experience that will provide you tools and activities to come out of this pandemic with greater connection and resiliency.

Pat Watson - Superintendent Bloomfield Hills School District

See what students and teachers had to say about Prepare U

Jade Jackson - 17 years old

Reagan Williams - 15 years old

Genevieve Gohl - 17 years old

Salvador Alatorre - 14 years old

Ryan Andrick - 14 years old

Reagan Williams - 15 years old

Brandi Lavely - Health Teacher

Jeremy Denha - High School Health and Basketball Coach

Principal Patricia Sattler - Mercy High School

Learn Together. Heal Together. Grow Together.

Only $179.88 / Year
Tools to decrease anxiety
Tools to process anger
Tools to combat negative thoughts
Tools to increase mindfulness
Tools to evaluate healthy relationships
Tools to enhance personal growth
123 self-care activities
Access to evolving video library with leading experts
Access to visual podcasts
Access to mental health 101 videos
Crisis resources and support
Support for one student/year
Works on all devices

Your subscription will support a student’s mental health curriculum through Prepare U. Thousands of students and leading schools are utilizing the Home Edition right now in remote learning and now you can too. Start now

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Only $179.88 / Year
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